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who dat

W H O D A T ? ●  I hear you say. 🙋 That's me. Just now, self-pronounced Island Gurl because of my geographical and heritage locations. I am one of those multicultural millennials - in the (digital)flesh - wandering the streets, buildings and green spaces of London, trying to work out two highly generic questions: 💁 1. Who am I? 💆 2. What am I meant to be doing? 🚀 In my pre-teens,  I wasn't really aware or consciously registering what was happening around me. Who is? I was born on the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar, and what happened next was something I had zero context or imagination to conjure up. My mum has always had a thirst for adventure; her curiosity, talent and ferocious determination led her to opportunities that eventually resulted in her living on another island on the other side of the world, literally. After bouncing around various family members, I eventually agreed to get on this thing mum called a plane and find out whether the street

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