london : 1st ed

πŸ‘‹ Oh hi there ● say hello to the first photo diary of ma shiny new blog.

Seven Snaps ● that are my favourites from walking around London in 2017.

22ndOct πŸŽ¨ Kicking off with the not-so-new-anymore Tate boiler room building, next to some ultra modern flats which you can look straight into from the Tate because glass everywhere. I was on my way to meet my friend Ashleigh for a coffee and cake at Gail's bakery, and I looked up and saw this. When Ash arrived, she was wearing her new red hat from shopping with her mam and looked like a cowgirl, which was most excellent and ideal for coffee-drinking.

7thOct 🏑  North London will always have my heart. It's funny how I've become so much more "at home" in this area over others, even though I've lived and worked in West London for a while now. I was walking down a quiet street and avoiding main roads as per usual, on a day when the sunset was particularly epic - and even more so when it was painted on to these windows.

22nd●Sept I like being next to water, it calms me. The ongoing regeneration of King's Cross continues to amaze me - it's ultra modern yet has a very village-y feel to it. I love how the canal has become both a focal point and a backdrop to this area, providing a little zen in a ridiculously busy city. This was taken on my way home after having dinner with two of my favourite people (and my work husbands): Nick, and Phil, who now lives in South Africa. We had yummy pizzas, drinks, and a good chinwag at The Lighterman.

22ndJul πŸŸ Camden lock is trendy AF. Even 15 years later, it never falls out of trend. I used to spend most of my teens here with my pal Ellie and Jess, buying Punkyfish hoodies and flared corduroy trousers and chains and black nail varnish because we were just that "cool" back then. On this occasion, I was heading to a bar where my pal DJ Optimus Funk was hosting a funk night - it would also become the first night my funk-sister HayHay and I have gone out dancing together.

21st●Jul 🎁 Liberty London. A lot of people associate this iconic building with London - bloggers, vloggers, and tourists alike love this place, it is very "Instagrammable". I have never bought anything from this store, I just sometimes pop my head in there to ogle at stuff and point and say "I want that". I took this snap after having a quick respite in one of my favourite central spots Flatplanet because I got to Oxford Circus at the start of rush hour and realised that I hated people, LOLs.

9th●Mar πŸ“ River views are always grey but beaut. The river Thames doesn't look and will never look inviting, that is just fact. So lucky that it's surrounded by some top notch buildings - the old and the new. I was actually on my way to a Tinariwen concert when I saw this view and decided to get off the train and take some snaps - because for once, London didn't look grey (though there's nothing wrong with that), it looked golden. And the skyline like a selection of kitchen utensils. Poetic AF.

17th●Feb πŸ’° Another iconic London building: The Ritz. Famous for many reasons, but probably most famous for that time I was lucky enough to go there for afternoon tea. Because it was super awkward - the unthinkable happened: I found hair in my finger sandwiches. I know, the horror. Anyway, the staff were incredibly apologetic and lovely - they offered to replace everything and gave everyone on our table a glass of bubbly to say sorry. Good times. So every time I pass The Ritz, I smile, about that time, and also how buff it looks lit up at sundown.

πŸ™† See y'all soon!


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